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Your Appellate Department

Mr. Ford has considerable experience in offering appellate counseling and briefing services for attorneys or law firms on a contract basis. For example, Mr. Ford, working for a Phoenix attorney, drafted the appellant's opening and reply briefs in a successful appeal that challenged a superior court ruling under Arizona's Public Records Law in Lunney v. State of Arizona, 244 Ariz. 170 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2017).


In Lunney, a father whose college-age son died after his car allegedly was hit by a police car sought records from the Arizona Department of Public Safety under the Arizona Public Records Law. The Court of Appeals agreed with Mr. Lunney on two points: (1) that a state agency must query and search its electronic databases in response to a records request, and (2) that a police officer’s use of a personal cell phone for work purposes may create public records.

Briefing in federal and state court

Mr. Ford also has extensive experience providing briefing services for other attorneys or firms that value the sophistication and high quality of his briefs. Experience includes federal, bankruptcy and state courts in Arizona and California.


Quite often trial attorneys simply are too busy to devote the kind of time and care necessary to produce top-quality, persuasive appellate briefs. Ford Law PLC provides a valuable service to such firms.

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