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Article: Will Taylor Swift's trademark tear make her the 'most annoying celebrity' of 2015?


Asked to look into the legal implications of Taylor Swift's efforts to trademark a wide variety of terms, Chris Ford, Esq. penned an article published in May 2015 in Arizona's Record Reporter newspaper in which he reported, tongue planted firmly in cheek, that the pop star may accomplish in 2015 what fellow preteen pop icon Justin Bieber achieved in 2014: to become that year's "most annoying celebrity," according to a journalist from his native Canada.


Swift sought to trademark such terms as "shake it off," "this sick beat," "nice to see you, where you been," among others, including "party like it's 1989," which, Mr. Ford's article points out, appears to be a thinly-veiled rip-off of Prince's famous tune, "Party Like It's 1999." The article recites a wide array of products Swift planned to brand, and it further notes that we may soon see Taylor Swift "this sick beat" toilet paper gracing grocery store shelves.


Pop phenom Taylor Swift. 

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